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These pads are designed to enhance the performance of your bowling balls. Every bowler loves to fine tune their equipment for their own personal needs. These pads are the fix. If you are looking for more over all hook, you will need to use a lower numbered grit pad, like a 1000 grit for instance. If you are wanting to tame your ball down some and take a little hook out of the ball, or simply need just a little more length, you would use a 3000 or 4000 grit pad. For a full break down of the ball, and to give it a newer surface, use a 500 grit pad first and then work your way back up to whatever desired surface grit your looking for on that particular ball. Sometimes as well, these pads are great for just keeping your bowling ball surface fresh. Every ball is finished to a certain surface, and in order to maintain your ball’s performance, you need to figure out what surface your ball is finished to and maintain your ball with that grit pad on a weekly basis. Don’t over pay a ProShop to do what you can do at home.

Sanding/Resurfacing pads

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