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Radical is thrilled to introduce the latest addition to the Katana line: The Katana Strike! With its impressive specifications and advanced features, this bowling ball is set to take your game to a whole new level. Equipped with an RG of 2.50, a differential of .051, and an intermediate differential of .020, the Katana Strike is designed for optimal performance. Just like its predecessor, the Katana Assault, this ball delivers a rapid response to friction and exceptional continuation through the pins. The Katana Strike features the same base cover, the HyperKenetic 22 (HK22), but now in a hybrid form known as HK-22h. This innovative cover formula offers increased mid-lane motion and hook compared to its counterpart, the Katana Assault. Prepare yourself for enhanced performance as the Katana Strike delivers more hook, more flip, more recovery, and more strikes. It's a true monster flip ball with a higher total hook, making it the perfect complement to the popular and highly sought-after Katana Assault.

Katana Strike

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