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The CLONE, a remarkable bowling ball that embodies the essence of duplication, imitation, and refined performance. After the unfortunate abduction of its predecessor, we took it upon ourselves to "clone" the ball, incorporating several upgrades and performance-enhancing tweaks that we are confident you will appreciate. One of the notable advancements is our Optimized Traction Technology. Drawing upon years of meticulous testing and research, we have developed a coverstock chemistry that ensures a well-balanced displacement and absorption of oil throughout the entire lane. This revolutionary approach creates enhanced consistency and predictability, shot after shot, in terms of skid distance, midlane traction, and response to friction down the lane. To achieve an extraordinary motion that is truly out of this world, we have also fine-tuned the Cloned E.T. Core. By modifying the density of the proven E.T. Core, we have created a perfect complement to our other asymmetrical cores in the lineup. The result is a dynamic core that boasts a lower RG and a higher differential, rendering it even more powerful than its predecessor. Prepare to experience the next level of performance with the CLONE. Its exceptional features and refined design will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression on your bowling game.


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